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Monthly Update from the CEO

July Monthly Update

July 2020

Hello Investors:

Well our summer exploration season has been underway since mid June and we have had a great start. 

Work has initially focused on following up on the success of our 2019 results. With that work we identified that our mineralized zones all trend in a northeast direction and are associated with faults. Geophysical surveys such as VLF-EM help us identify fault structures and magnetic features both of which provide us with a good indicator of potential areas of interest. So we have been using a VLF-EM survey that was completed in 1999…yes 1999…to identify areas of interest. The good part about it is that even though the survey is dated it worked in those days to identify areas of interest and continues to point us towards other possible areas of mineralization. 

What we then do is conduct a soil survey over these areas to identify possible anomalies of silver, lead and zinc. In 2019 this work identified a lot of anomalies and two new potential zones the KW and South Zones. Our work has focused on extending the soil grids on both of these zones and also sampling three other areas that we hope will identify other new zones. Once we get all of our soil results, we will then conduct trenching over the anomalous areas to uncover possible mineralization.

In addition, we have been compiling all of the historic drill data dating back as far as 1985. We are putting all of that data into a 3D (leapfrog) model to help us understand the nature of the deposits and mineralizing systems. From this work we can then develop a resource estimate from all of the known mineralized zones that have been subjected to drilling and it will also aid us in other areas such as mine planning and guiding future drilling campaigns.
We have also been examining areas in the Main Zone that have seen some initial trenching but have not been properly examined and warrant further exploration.

As well we received $40,000 from the Yukon Mineral Exploration Assistance Program and $200,000 from the Yukon Resource Access Roads Program to help upgrade our access road. This support from the Yukon Government is greatly appreciated and demonstrates a commitment by the territorial government to help advance Silver Hart to development.

I was recently in Vancouver organizing our promotional and marketing efforts and returned to the field a week ago. I expect you will see a regular flow of news as we receive initial results from the soil surveys, then from the trenching and other planned activities such as geophysical surveys (induced polarization) etc.

If you have any questions or would like more information, do not hesitate to call the office at 604-605-0166 (Denise) or by emailing me direct at and I will contact you to arrange a time to call you.

We will provide regular updates on the progress of our exploration efforts at Silver Hart area this summer.

Take care and best regards.

Kevin Brewer, P.Geo, MBA, B.Sc (Hons), Dip. Eng.
President and CEO
CMC Metals Ltd.

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