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About CMC Metals

CMC Metals Ltd. is focused on providing sustainable growth and value to the shareholders through the progressive development of precious metal properties to production phase. There are few companies that are focused on bringing mineral properties into production. CMC is only interested in properties that have a high potential of becoming mines. To successfully accomplish the task of developing a mine, a strong management team is critical. There is over 100 man years of experience on the CMC Board of Directors. Each member brings a unique contribution to the Company to ensure that the properties, capital, and labour resources are utilized efficiently.

Through the consolidation of the mineral industry, the economical size of properties has increased. This has created a niche for small to mid-size properties that are economic for development but below large mining companies required criteria. CMC views this as an excellent opportunity to acquire and develop properties that are economic on a small to mid-size mine development scenario. Advantages of small to mid-size mine developments include quicker permitting process, smaller environmental foot print, less start-up capital required, flexibility of semi-mobile milling, efficient leveraging of equipment capital at a number of properties, and reduced labour management requirements.

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