Radcliff Mine


CMC holds a 50 percent interest in the Radcliff (a.k.a. ‘World Beater mine’) property with the remaining interest held by Pruett Ballarat Inc. (“PBI”). The property is located some 9 miles (xx km) north of the Briggs gold mine (belonging to DV Natural Resources) in the West-Central portion of the Panamint Range, Inyo County in South Western California: Death Valley lies in the valley immediately east of the Panamint range.

The Radcliff property extends over 1,654 acres (670 Ha) and consists of 10 patented mining claims, one patented mill site claim, 84 unpatented mining claims, and five unpatented mill sites, water claims and water rights known as the Stone Corral Water Claims.

Plans for the Radcliff Mine for 2017 include the continued evaluation of the area adjacent to the 5510-level adit development zone, extending from an area in which CMC and PBI have conducted some bulk sampling in 2016. During that year the companies entered into an agreement with Klondex Mines’ Midas Mill to process up to 6,000 tons of batched bulk sample material: an initial batch of approximately 500 US short tons (approx. 454 tonnes) is presently awaiting processing.

The relative location of the Radcliff and Briggs properties may be viewed in Google by downloading the attached.